25 Oct

Clanwilliam Health launch PharmFMD - an FMD software solution

The False Medicines Directive (FMD) is coming into force on the 9th February 2019. Our PharmFMD software solution has been designed to handle all FMD requirements for pharmacies.

PharmFMD is Clanwilliam Health's standalone software system that enables pharmacies to conduct verification and decommissioning scans and reintroduce medicines to their stock in accordance with FMD. We have spent the last year developing this product to ensure that pharmacists can easily make sure that they are FMD compliant. While FMD doesn't come into force until next year PharmFMD is available now to allow users time to experiment with the system and incorporate it into their routines and processes. 

PharmFMD enables pharmacies to scan medicines and check the following aspects:

  • Verify: Check that the product is real and not counterfeit, will not change medication status.
  • Supply: Medication is marked as dispensed/supplied and automatically decommissions on day 11.
  • Reintroduce: Allows medication that was previously supplied to be put back on the shelf as long as this action takes place during the 10-day window.
  • Decommission: Decommission medicines that are destroyed, free samples or stolen.
  • Other: Show license details, settings and system FAQs.

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