19 Jul

Partnership between Mater Private Hospitals, Clanwilliam Health and HSE Healthlink

The Mater Private Hospitals have extended their electronic referral system for GPs allowing them to refer patients to any specialty within the hospital with the touch of a button where previously they were made via fax, post or telephone.

The Mater Private Hospitals in Cork, Dublin and Limerick (Mid-Western Radiation Oncology Centre), in partnership with Clanwilliam Health, the nation’s largest practice management provider for private consultants and GPs and the HSE’s Healthlink, which provides the secure transmission of clinical patient information, initially introduced the new system for a number of specialities in December 2017 in order to simplify the referral process.

Speaking about the upgrade to the e-referral facility, Dr Caroline Whelan, Mater Private Hospital Group Chief Operations Officer, said; “This is a very significant development for GPs, allowing them to refer their patients to every Mater Private Hospital service at the touch of a button, therefore ensuring faster secure access to the highest quality care in Mater Private Hospitals.”

“In partnership with Clanwilliam Health and HSE Healthlink, the Mater Private Hospitals are already allowing GPs to safely and securely refer patients to Mater Private Hospitals electronically and we are delighted to extend this service to all specialties of the hospital with some patients receiving hospital appointments on the very same day. Diagnostic results and updates will also be transmitted electronically back to the referring doctor meaning all updates will be easily available to the GP.”

The Mater Private Hospitals in Cork and Dublin were the first private hospitals in Ireland to introduce an electronic GP referral system enabling GPs to refer patients via the new system.